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The Coming Season

28 Jul 2020

Dear friends, how are you doing?

this season we are planning to open our Sharanagati-Yogahaus in Varkala on November first, but as we are not sure what the situation in India-Kerala will be at that time we can not say that for sure. We have to comply with the government rules as per then.

We have been running the Sharanagati Yogahaus in Varkala, Kerala the past 10 years, and our safety and cleanly standards have always been very high.

We have two houses but will only open one house this season, to make sure that we can keep it very safe for you. We have a one-acre garden which is very beautiful and especially good for the current situation.

We will make sure, that the meals are given in a manner that everybody is safe and feels comfortable. We always did clean our dishes with boiled water and will make especially sure this year that this is done in a proper matter.

In the house, that will be open there are six rooms, they are all double rooms but we will only occupy them with two people if you come with a friend. Other than that it will be only one person in a room. So we will be a maximum of about 6- 8 people this year per course.

Our outside Yogahall is large enough so for 6-8 people we can guarantee a safe distance to the next person practicing Yoga.

If you like we can always prepare some dinner for you so you never even have to leave the premises.

We will update you with any news and please feel free to contact us with any Questions or Suggestions you have. Till then we wish you all the very best and stay safe lots of love.

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